Blog Experiment In Progress


blog rat

What is Blogatory Rat All About?

BLOG = a website wherein an individual or group of users record information, experiences, opinions, and other like presentations on a regular basis

LABORATORY RAT = a rat which is bred and kept for scientific research

LAB RAT = urban slang for a person devoted to being in a laboratory who constantly runs experiments

HUMAN LAB RAT = a professional volunteer for pharmaceutical and medical research

BLOGATORY RAT= a blog run by an individual who is devoted to conducting experiments on her own blog that will lead to the discovery of what it takes to have a successful blog to be shared to anyone who cares to blog 

The tagline “Blog Experiment in Progress” says it all.  This blog does not purport to offer everything there is to know about blogs and blogging which is actually a very wide field.  It does offer however, all the learning the author has acquired while assisting others to put up their own blogs.

The articles found here are intended to be simple including the technical side which most people would rather not deal with.  Take the time to go through this blog and accompany the author in her blogging journey.  Let the successful and not so successful results of her experiments take you to the wonderful world of blog discovery.


Who is the Blog Rat?


eliziel-daphneEliziel Daphne is a customer service champion and a digital marketing practitioner. Though she does not claim to be an expert in writing, she certainly has a lot to share in her learning from helping other people establish and maintain their blogs. She intends to offer the value of her learning journey in this blog.

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