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Anonymous Authorship: How it Affects Websites

Anonymous Authorship: How it Affects Websites

Nov 30, 2013

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If we are to believe just how important author rank is in today’s ranking of websites, then we can surmise that anonymous authorship will affect websites negatively. Author rank puts importance on who is doing the writing of the content. It appears that authors who cannot be verified in terms of their previous work and their online and social media connections become the equivalent of anonymous writers. Unfortunately, anonymity smells of online irrelevance or worse, of spam.


From PageRank to Author Rank

The long inactivity in PageRank update has resulted to considerable restlessness among web developers and designers as they try to discover other possible basis for determining quality of sites and blogs. One of the more often cited possibility is that of author rank. Apparently, the matter of who is doing the writing has now become as important as the content itself.

This means that there is now more emphasis on the importance of having authors that can be verified online. The statement of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt that “…information tied to verified online profiles¬†will be ranked higher¬†than content without such verification…” is interpreted by many as a direct reference to how critical authorship has become in determining search relevance. It remains unclear up to the present when the full weight of this statement will be felt.

So What Are We Supposed to Do in the Mean Time?

Every website or blog owner is advised to do the following:

1. Authors should continue producing quality content.

2. Authors should use the rel=author tag as a way of claiming content which they wrote.

3. Authors should do guest posting on a few highly relevant sites rather than on many low-quality sites.

Consequence of Anonymous Authorship

1. Anonymity may soon be interpreted by search engines as irrelevant not only limited to the author but may include the site itself.

2. Anonymity does not establish trust and credibility.

3. Anonymity does not contribute to building of author reputation.

BlogRat Advice

Author reputation is built over time and not overnight. It would be wise to start making quality content and properly claim authorship for it now. If and when the author rank is implemented, it might just be too late to start for many.


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