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Basic SEO – What Every Blogger Should Know

Basic SEO – What Every Blogger Should Know

May 5, 2013

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Basic SEO is not to be taken for granted. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about leading the way for online users to find your blog. Why should it be your concern that they find your blog? Simple really. For a blog to be successful, it needs visitors, actually lots of it. Visitors will only come when they know that your blog exists and that what they need can be found in your blog. This is where SEO enters the picture.

Basic SEO Practices

1. Get a domain name that has recall power

This simply means choosing a domain name that is related to the niche or topic. An online searcher naturally conducts their search based on certain keywords and having a name closely associated  with such words is quite advantageous. The easier it is to remember its name, the better it is for the blog.

2. Choose a reliable web hosting provider

A successful blog needs to be accessible and visible at all times if possible. Fast loading time and less down time are the two main responsibilities of a web hosting provider to the blog. Free and Paid web hosting are the two main options available and it is up to the blog owner to determine the more suitable one for his purpose.

3. Provide quality content

The need for quality content cannot be overemphasized. No amount of SEO efforts can go very far when content has no relevance and user-friendly information. This is the foundation of all SEO activity.

4. Find the right applicable keywords and use them

Finding the right keywords and phrases is not only about targeting high traffic search terms. For blogs that have not yet established their reputation and cannot yet compete  with established sites, it is more about finding the related words and phrases wherein they can compete. Bloggers should also write posts that are not necessarily aimed at search terms but rather for the basic purpose of presenting relevant information.

5. Go for quality links

All successful blogs are linked in one way or the other to quality sites and blogs. Harness the benefits that social media offers in terms of audience interaction. In creating links and associations, consider the authority and reputation of the sites you choose to link to.

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