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Blog Post Length – How Long or Short Should It Be?

Blog Post Length – How Long or Short Should It Be?

Jun 30, 2013

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Blog post length is somewhat of a gray area when experts start giving out numbers to consider for bloggers. Most agree however that it should neither be too short as not to contain any real content nor too long as to use up too much time of the readers. What every blogger should strive for more than complying with any standard for blog post length is the completeness of the content.

Short Blog Post

The standard minimum number of words is 300 for a blog post. Anything shorter is not deemed beneficial in the aspect of SEO. Although it is highly possible that bloggers may have said everything he or she wants to say in less than 300 words, it might be worth considering if what needs to be said is there as well. Maybe a short introduction to the main point is in order or clear examples of what is being proposed. Bloggers should not presume that all readers will know the background of an issue being discussed.

Google and other search engines appear to look at this number favorably as a minimum. This is of course one of the reasons why we go for the minimum since every blogger would like his articles crawled and indexed by them. Short blog posts need focus and structure since the main point has to be made within a limited body.

Average Length Blog Post

Depending on the form of content, blog posts can be short or long. The average number of words of most blog posts is somewhere within the range of 500 to 700 words. Blog posts of this length are still considered acceptable in terms of retaining the attention span of readers. However careful attention to form and structure is also required.

The provided content must remained focused and relevant to the topic. It should not appear like rambling thoughts that were written just to make the post longer. Post structure must be made in a way that encourages readers to finish reading the post. Thus, a one-paragraph 500 word post is simply too monotonous and boring to the senses. Breaking down a main idea into smaller parts with the use of h2 headings is much kinder to the reader’s eye.

Long Blog Post

A post that has the length of 1000 words and above is definitely a long post in relation to online readers. However, such length may be warranted and actually needed when writing about certain topics. Research articles and editorials usually reach this length because of the information that needs to be packed in them.

Long blog posts tend to be taxing to online readers because of the time required to finish reading them. Those who are only looking for specific answers may not have the patience to go through a whole article this long. That is why most writers have learned the value of writing in series for a lengthy topic. This simply means that instead of providing the article through one word-heavy post, the same topic will be presented through a series of blog posts. This gives readers the option to read the parts as their time would allow and just come for more when it is needed and convenient to do so.

Best Blog Post Length

We then come to the main question: What is the best blog post length? It might be the safest answer to say that it would really depend on the blog and its audience but it is the most correct answer. In time, bloggers will be able to determine what actually works for them in relation to blog post length by the reaction of their readers.

It has to be noted that readers do not have the same purpose and amount of time to read. Some will prefer blog posts to be short but juicy while others would go for detailed accounts and presentation. Whatever the length though, bloggers should not ignore the importance of choosing the right keywords and the wisdom of using an image or other forms of media to go with the article.

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Bloggers should strive for completeness of content more than hitting a certain number of words. It makes sense however to observe the minimum as it appears to have been accepted by search engines. Bloggers are free to find their own way from there.


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