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The Connection Between Blogging and Social Media

The Connection Between Blogging and Social Media

Mar 6, 2013

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When we speak of social media, it would refer to the many forms of interaction happening in virtual communities and networks involving humans.  The kind of interaction revolves around creating, sharing, and exchanging information and ideas which are intended to benefit the participants.  The expected benefits are not merely for personal use but also for promoting a business through a website or a blog.

Social media networks and platforms are quite many.  The most popular include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and many others.  It is impossible to be blogging and totally avoid these social media platforms.  Without social media, blogs might as well be sitting ducks amidst stiff competition.

The main function of social media in relation to blogging is promotion.  The different social media platforms bring blogs to the attention of an audience which is comprised of the users of such platforms as well as their own connections.  It is quite difficult to put any blog in the line of sight of any online user if there is no way that it can stand above competition.

Social media sites help create awareness for a blog or a site.  The attention generated by social media shares is critical in spreading the word about a site or a blog.  Site owners and bloggers should learn to harness its advantages and opportunities.

There are two very important determinants of successful online presence – relevance and authority. Contents can be relevant by themselves but they may not find their relevant audience without the help of social media.  Authority is established by the number of genuine followers.  Social media has proven its power in creating an audience or enlarging its scope.  It is clear therefore that there is a valid connection between blogging and social media.  It pays to give proper attention to this connection rather than ignore it.



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