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Customer Support from Web Hosting Providers

Customer Support from Web Hosting Providers

Oct 11, 2013

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When clients enter into an agreement with web hosting providers, they do so with the expectation that they will be given appropriate service and support. These two are the main components of a satisfying relationship between the two parties. Clients on the other hand are expected to promptly remit payment when they are due. Both parties are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that are mutually beneficial and protective of each other, considering that they are supposed to be working on the same side.

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Basic Customer Support

Good customer support from web hosting providers are based on the premise that certain services will be provided. These would include providing a help desk/customer support Ā email, phone access, live chat support, company forum, instant messaging, and social network access. These are all intended for the purpose of alerting clients to potential problems and providing the means to find the solution.

Customer Support Plus

Due to the stiff competition between and among web hosting providers, many have opted to offer support services that go beyond the basic. Many are able to provide relevant tutorials and other forms of proactive support that need not be requested by clients but are given just the same. The foundation however of both basic and additional support services is hinged on respect for the considerable efforts made by website owners in gaining respectable traffic.

The Deciding Factor

The deciding factor in determining if a client is receiving appropriate customer support from his/her web hosting provider comes out when problem arises. It is not during smooth times that a web hosting provider can show what it’s made of. When HostGator unceremoniously shut down one of the blogs I am managing without prior notice and explanation, I felt disrespected, even up to now that it has already been restored.

BlogRat Sentiments

I chose HostGatorĀ for small sites because of the affordable packages and the generally good reviews I have come across about it. In fact, it is also the web hosting provider for this blog. When it chose to shut down one of my sites supposedly for causing a server jam by reason of some plug-ins in the blog during that faithful day, I can’t help thinking that wouldn’t it have made better sense for them to contact me, the customer to take the recommended action first before shutting it down?

Even now, I cannot believe how a personal site with no controversial content and no extraordinarily high traffic can cause such problem to their system. Their drastic initial reaction of shutting down the site shattered my confidence in them. It shattered my belief that we have nothing to fear in the online world if we play by the rules.

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