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Defining a Blog

Defining a Blog

Mar 2, 2013

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A blog is a portmanteau of the words web and log.  It can either be used as a noun or verb.  The noun form refers to a site used for information or discussion on a specific topics or group of topics in the online environment. The verb form means to regularly add entries to the site typically called posts that will make up the contents.

There are several identified functions of a blog.  It can provide information or commentary.  It can also be used as an online diary. Company blogs function as an online platform for advertising and marketing.

Not all blogs are the same.  In fact, there are many types as to form including text, photo, and video blogs. Text blogs may come with photos and videos while the two others are just what their names imply with very minimal texts.  They can also be classified as either personal, business, or advocacy. They can also be maintained as a hobby or monetized for revenue.

As to topic however, there are more types including education, food, travel, parenting, lifestyle, product reviews, technology, religion, fashion, health, finance, hobby, and entertainment, among others.  There are also the so-called niche blogs which appeal to a specific audience thus topics may be very specific such as special education, Filipino food, backpacking, single parenting, and so on.  The possibilities are endless.  The important thing is to have a target audience to cater to, especially if the topic is not of general interest.

A blog can be provided content by a single individual or a group of writers.  Blogging’s main purpose is to provide relevant and current information which can be accessed online anytime.  What set blog posts apart from the usual information found online is the more personal way in which information is delivered to readers.


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