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Does Your Blog Really Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Does Your Blog Really Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Jul 28, 2013

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Facebook Fan Page- what does it got to do with your blog? Apparently a lot, as many blog owners move heaven and earth to promote their fan pages for the much desired likes. Does your blog really need one?

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The Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook Fan Page is essentially a public profile used by individuals and businesses in the Facebook platform that allows the public to follow and interact with the person or the brand. A particular fan page can be found by conducting an online search. Facebook users who choose to click “like” in the page become “fans” of the page.

Fans automatically get notified in their news feed for any activity that occurs in the Facebook Fan Page. Owners can post relevant information on the page for the benefit of their supporters. There are however certain challenges faced in trying to increase a page’s fan base.

Benefits of Having a Facebook Fan Page for Blogs

A big number of supporters as indicated by the Facebook Fan Page provides a semblance of popularity to the blog. A popular blog is always attractive to advertisers and other business opportunities. There is the presumption that the number of fans of a page is equivalent to the number of eyes that will see a blog’s content.

A Facebook Fan Page also encourages more interaction  from the audience. A blog alone fairly limits reader interaction to commenting in blog posts. It can also be easily connected with other social networking platforms making it easier to promote and market the blog.

Having a Facebook Fan Page also makes it easier for an audience to connect with a brand or the name of the blog. Increased fan base is usually an automatic result of increased identification of the readers with a blog. The fan page also makes it possible for bloggers to find a target audience based on the response as indicated by the fan base profile.

How to Encourage Following for a Facebook Fan Page

Unlike relatives, friends, and business associates that usually do not need any prodding to follow a fan page, other online users will require more encouragement. The first thing to establish is the presence of the blog and the fan page. Without these, there is nothing to follow so bloggers need to put their content in order.

Aside from doing a specific search for a particular Facebook Fan Page, there are other ways online users can find it. Some of these include seeing them from feeds of Facebook friends or by placement of PPC ads containing a direct link to the page on Facebook itself. Suggestions to like a page also come about based on user profile information. Some bloggers hold contests and give-away events that require Facebook users to follow the fan page before being allowed to join. Organic voluntary following usually arise when a particular Facebook Fan Page is able to touch a chord in people’s sentiments and views.

So Does Your Blog Really Need a Facebook Fan Page?

There is no question that your blog will survive and continue to exist without a Facebook Fan page. If you are a blogger however who wishes to create considerable online presence, it would be wise to have one. The Facebook Fan Page provides a more comprehensive profile for people interested in the blog to look into.

A fan page exposes the blog to a much wider audience. Besides, it is not limited by any number of likes similar to Facebook friends. Let’s face it, Facebook is still a force to reckon with in establishing considerable online media presence.

BlogRat Advice

Big numbers in the Facebook Fan Page does not necessarily mean the same number of real supporters and followers. Bloggers are advised to maximize the potentials of the fan page without sacrificing what is essential. It cannot be emphasized enough that for blogs, content will still make the difference.

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