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What Makes a Blog Attractive to Advertisers?

What Makes a Blog Attractive to Advertisers?

Dec 30, 2013

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For blog owners who pursue blogging as a means to earn, how their blogs are perceived by advertisers will always be a major issue. While all blog owners are practically free to do what they please with their blogs, the freedom is not absolute especially if one aim is to attract advertisers. Advertisers have specific criteria when they choose blogs to commercially collaborate with. What exactly are they looking for in blogs?

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Advertisers pay bloggers to promote their business either through direct advertisements or sponsored posts. This type of transaction carries with it the natural consequence of association. It is therefore understandable enough for advertisers to seek quality sites since all marketing efforts can be defeated by mistaken perception especially when publishing in blogs with poor content quality.

Positive Reputation

Advertisers will almost always see through the most extravagant marketing efforts and recognize negative reputation when they see it. They know that the reputation of their business is put in line as well when they associate with the wrong sites or blogs. Negativism may arise from social dealings of bloggers or the content provided by the site.

Clout and Influence

Do the words of the blogger as sounded off through the blog reflect clout and influence? Will the audience listen? A blog or blogger who commands influence over a target audience is much sought after by advertisers.

Conversion Track Record

Advertisers see blogs and bloggers who are able to convert readers into buyers as the most ideal partners in any marketing effort. The advertiser’s main goal is always to sell itself and its products. A blog that is able to comfortably fit itself in between the advertiser and the audience for successful conversion is desirable in the eyes of advertisers.

BlogRat Advice

It would take time and real work to achieve all of the above and make the blog attractive to advertisers.  Once they are attained, blogs and their owners are assured of earning opportunities.

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