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Relevance of Twitter Use in Blogs

Relevance of Twitter Use in Blogs

Sep 8, 2013

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The relevance of Twitter use in blogs may not be very apparent to some bloggers. It may not be readily appreciable to many what social media can do for blogs. A powerful social media platform like Twitter can actually do wonders for the audience-building efforts of any site. Blog owners need to discover how to put the existence of their blogs on the consciousness of Twitter members without having to do irritating hard-sell.

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Here are some relevant Twitter use in blogs:

Create and Drive Traffic

Twitter offers ready ammunition for creating and directing traffic by the sheer number of its highly active members. The key issue here is how to trigger ingress of these members towards the direction of the blog. Tweets can create awareness about the blog as well as provide heads-up for specific posts that are expected to be highly interesting to many.

Follow Influencers Relevant to the Blog

When bloggers follow identified influencers in their specific niche, they get to accomplish two things. They will get to know what is being talked about and how it is being talked about specifically in the Twitter platform. This is one way of correctly understanding how people develop the art of influencing public thinking or perception.

Establish New Contacts and Build Networks

Contacts and networks need not be limited to purely business in nature. It is true though that every social contact is a potential client. However, it would be best for blog owners to approach Twitter use in the most normal way in establishing new social relationships. The business side always follows naturally.

Get Proactive in Tweets

Blog owners should be looking out for any mention of their blogs or posts through tweets  of other people. These tweets deserve reaction and follow-ups to lengthen conversation about the blog. Answering tweets also helps solidify online connections.

Ask and Answer Questions

Create interest for your blog and blog posts by starting a conversation on Twitter. Asking and answering questions tend to pull in participants to the conversation especially for hot topics. Views expressed through Twitter can also help create a positive image for the blog.

BlogRat Advice

Learn to use social media platforms like Twitter to you advantage. When used correctly, it can serve as cost-effective means of promoting and marketing your blog. Understand its use and make it work to your best advantage.


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