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Reputable Blogs as Effective Media Partners

Reputable Blogs as Effective Media Partners

Jul 30, 2015

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Reputable blogs make effective media partners. There is no question as to the veracity of this statement. Businesses that are looking into extensive social media outreach might as well understand this and take heed.


Bloggers VS Traditional Media

There has been a lot of talk comparing bloggers with traditional media, usually in matters of competency and competition. There were even some serious comments that the advent of new media where blogs fall under might just be the last nail in the coffin for the death of traditional media. While I don’t even remotely believe this prediction, traditional media may just have to pay more attention to the possible effects of the entry of reputable blogs and bloggers in relation to the business side of writing.

It is no secret that businesses set aside a big budget for PR purposes. For the longest time, a substantial chunk of that budget goes to traditional media for promotion and advertising purposes. Blogs are slowly penetrating this arena but it is my honest opinion that blogs and traditional media can harmoniously co-exist because each has its own reach.

Blogs as Media Partners

Companies who have not had the experience of working with bloggers as media partners may understandably be hesitant, especially if they are content with their existing promotional activities. Ignoring however this option may prove detrimental to the business in the long run, more so if identified competitors are actively harnessing the benefits of partnering with bloggers. It is a mistake to let go of this opportunity.

Do companies partner with the first blog or blogger they come across? That can prove to be disastrous. Before a company makes the first pitch to a blogger about collaborations and media partnerships, it is always best to make a reasonable research before. Many bloggers accept writing for free especially if they can expect some other form of return like extensive exposure that can intensely boost their credibility. Bloggers who have earned a name in the industry and whose words have value to a wide audience are treated as potential professional promotional partners who expect to get paid and for good reason.

Blograt Advice

Companies should look for reputable blogs/bloggers to partner with while bloggers should work to reach that status where companies will not think twice to pay for promotional services in the same manner that they pay to be promoted in traditional media. Tapping reputable blogs as effective media partners may prove to be one of the wisest marketing move a company can take.

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