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How to Share Your Posts After Publishing Them

How to Share Your Posts After Publishing Them

Aug 17, 2014

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Not many have the power and influence to command instant attention to their blog posts. While their numerous followers await their next posts and eagerly share them, most of us will need to do a lot more than clicking the publish button. Most of these tips have been talked about many times over by other writers but it is worth emphasizing them specifically to those who still choose to ignore them.

Image Source: flickr/cogdog

Image Source: flickr/cogdog

Participate in Social Media

If you are still not doing this, you need to wake up. You need to make your presence felt or else your blog will end up being part of the statistics of blogs that simply opened and closed. People need to know that you and your blog exist and social media makes that possible. Make your fan pages, profile pages, and personal pages look professional and reliable then start reaching out to people, communities, and niche authorities. Share posts which you are particularly proud of. Better yet, do not publish posts which will embarrass you or result to a negative perception of you. If you want to create attention, make sure it’s the right kind of attention you want.

Make Relevant Comments

A very subtle yet effective way of sharing a post is to make relevant comments on other related posts. Avoid spamming by just randomly leaving the link to your posts everywhere. You will only succeed in scaring away legitimate sites which you should be interacting with. Commenting is not about quantity. It is about reacting to something that has been written so generic like comments left on 10 other sites raises the red flag. Surely, you do not expect people to believe that you have only the same words to 10 different articles in 10 different sites.

Talk About Your Blog Posts

Sharing posts should not be limited to promoting a link in your status updates or tweets. You will need to make it more interesting for people to actually click on the link. So you would need to talk about them. What does a particular issue mean to you? What benefit can readers derive from actually reading the information you offer? When you talk about your blog  posts, you make it more personal. You are showing that you actually believe what you wrote. This is your chance to convince readers that you are offering something new even if you are tackling a fairly common topic.

Blograt Advice

You need to share your posts after publishing them. You should have started from Day 1. Never the less, it is not too late to start now.

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