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The Truth About Blog Commenting and SEO

The Truth About Blog Commenting and SEO

Aug 31, 2013

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Most people who are looking into building their blogs must have heard that blog commenting is one of the most suggested ways of creating back links. While this may be true in a sense, the mere act of commenting does not automatically equate to good SEO practice. What then should we be doing more and less when it comes to commenting?


More Related and Sensible Comments and Less of Generic No-Value Comments

When a comment is directly related to the post,there is instant value obtained. This value pertains to real insights given by readers with respect to the idea brought forward by the writer. This in itself provides value regardless of any SEO connection since writers will know that people are reading and are in fact reacting to what has been written.

If a blogger thinks that he or she can create that all-important back link by commenting on higher-ranked sites, that could indeed be a possibility. However, if the comment is obviously a ploy to promote one’s own blog through the comment box of a popular site, it may not even see the light of day. In fact, it can even be categorized as spam. Generic comments like “Nice” or “Thanks for sharing” do not present any value to the post being commented on especially when peppered with links, whether obvious or hidden.

More Respectful To-the-Point Comments and Less of Personality-Bashing Comments

Some blog commenters intentionally try to create a ruckus online by making controversial or even hurtful comments. Whether or not the stunt is intended to create interest that may result to a visit to the commenters’ site, blog owners will always have the power to delete any comment. It would be wiser to opt for straight-to-the-point comments relevant to the post even if the comment runs counter to the idea being presented.

Respect begets respect. If you leave a decent comment, there are more chances other people will return the favor voluntarily. We all know how unique visits increase the good standing of blogs.

Blog Commenting and SEO

So what is the truth behind blog commenting and SEO? Are they really connected? Yes, they are but a no-value comment will end the way it started – no value.

BlogRat Advice

If you wish to take advantage of the connection  between blog commenting and SEO, then by all means do so by making relevant comments on topics you genuinely care about. By being true, you will most likely be rewarded by true following as well.


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