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Which is More Popular – The Blog or the Blogger?

Which is More Popular – The Blog or the Blogger?

Jul 13, 2014

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Do you consider yourself a popular and successful blogger? If so, how did you come up with such a conclusion? What parameters did you use that led you to believe you have reached that enviable level of influence and affluence?

Image Source: flickr/jmoneyyyyyy

Image Source: flickr/jmoneyyyyyy

Let us consider some possible measures of popularity:


Traffic, lots of it, is what website owners would like to have going  in the direction of their sites or blogs. It is a common conclusion to arrive at that a blog having consistent high traffic for a sustained period of time is indeed popular. Does this translate as well to the popularity of the blogger? Maybe or maybe not.

Number of Inbound Quality Links

A high number of sites wanting to link to a blog is another indication that the blog is popular. More so, if the links are coming from authority sites. Is this an indication as well of the popularity of the person behind it? Maybe or maybe not.

Income or Earnings

Earning profitably well from blogs is still another indication of its popularity. It has to be noted though that there are many blogs that are earning quite well and yet are not perceived as popular.  Still, they are popular in their own rights even if they have a quiet but large following. Again the question, is the income courtesy of the blog or the blogger?

The Blog or the Blogger?

It can be looked at in two ways. A popular blog can make a blogger equally popular or a well-known blogger like famous celebrities can make their blogs popular. One thing is clear. The identity of the blog and the blogger cannot be separated especially if there is no other personality behind the blog.

Blograt Advice

If you want to determine which is more popular between the blog and the blogger, try being more attentive to how a blogger is being introduced. Usually, the more popular one is mentioned first.

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